How I should ask my crush?

I have a crush but I'm too afraid to make a move , another guy likes her. I'm a tech wizard and science master. What should I do?

  • Should I ask her out
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  • Or should I keep "building"
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... How should I ask her?


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  • How close are you? Does she know you exist? Are you friends?

    • How close I'm am is when you start liking a girl , barely any progress in two years, she knows I exist but where not friends she also doesn't hate me either

    • I'm sure she would be flattered if you asked her out, but I wouldn't be overly optimistic about getting a favourable answer. I would try to get to know her a bit more before asking her out, or at least start talking to her more in school.


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  • keep building!

  • Just suck it up and kiss her while you're alone

  • Well, you have to let her know you like her. If a guy likes her, the faster you act the more time she has to be away from the other guy...

    OKay let me say it a different way. She has more time to like the other guy the longer you don't act.

    I love Techies >.<

  • Get to know her more, and then Just go up to her one day and ask if she would like to go catch a movie sometime, be straight forward, if she doesn't say yes she will at least be flattered. Plus the other guy will be irritated that you had the guts that he didn't which will definitely give you some points.

  • Ask her, it's flattering and besides that, don't be the one that has to wait or won't even get a chance.

    • How do I?

    • I'd say, "hey I really like you, I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend?" I'd say that because as
      Simple will you go out with me is boring, while this is cute.

  • Are you guys friends? Do you talk everyday?

    • Id say no I don't think we're friends since I don't hang out with her because she's popular and I'm not.. But I'm not a loser either

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    • A year ago

    • Ok yeah I would say go for it if she knows you and you guys have common interests. The best relationships are where the two people are already friends.

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