Is bf not bothered by breakup?

My boyfriend and I had a major argument two days ago and we ended things (more like I said something like 'I wish you all the best if that's what you want' via text because I was pissed) and he hasn't written to me since.

It's been two days now and I've seen him come online several times throughout the day, but he hasn't written to me.

I've seen him like a bunch of girl's photos on Facebook though since our breakup and he has posted a photo of himelf on the beach (he is currently abroad on holiday).

Is he not bothered about the breaking up at all? He is usually a very emotional person, but this time he is completely ignoring me and hasn't even written anything so I know the break is official.


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  • There are two possibilities - either he is not bothered by it, OR he doesn't know you've broken up. I said this in response to your last question, there was nothing in his post that indicated a break up. The only thing that did was your paranoid passive aggressive response which you've quoted here again.


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  • it's hard to say. he may just be trying to move on, sort of just ignoring that emotion and getting on with things. since he's abroad he probably doesn't want to sit around in sorrow.

  • Guess he's over you.


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