Girls trying to get jeans over their butts?

why can't girl ever find jeans that will fit over your butt?
any girls have any stories or embarrassing things happen to them because their bum won't fit into jeans


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  • It depends on the jeans. I have to make sure they're made of stretchy material. I also have to find jeans that are specifically "curvy" fit. I am also very short so I try to find pants that aren't too long. Then I have a small waist, so depending the rise of the jeans, I have to find for that as well.
    All these requirements because I have short, fat, stumpy legs and a big butt. :(
    I usually have to end up tailoring them to ensure they fit right.
    When my bf watches me put my jeans on, he says it's funny watching me jump and do a weird dance to get them on.
    Embarrassing stories? Hmm. I guess my jeans always have rips under my butt or on my butt. Not sure why. I bent over one day at work and my jeans ripped, I was so embarrassed I went home.
    Jean pants are a hassle, that I avoid them as much possible. They're also uncomfortably tight, unless I wear men's jeans. I prefer men's jeans because they're baggy and I don't feel as constricted as with female jeans. Or joggers lol I just don't care much about fashion, comfort is my priority.


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  • It happens to people of either gender, not just girls. The only solution to this is to buy jeans one size bigger, or get them stitched by a tailor according to proper measurements.


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  • Because they buy the low VERY low jeans, and a few sizes smaller.
    I guess they like their butt crack out in the open

  • Buy the right size and style you don't have this problem