What does it mean if a guy does this?

I got to college and today at school, this guy was talking to me a lot and were not dating. He put his arm around me and we even held hands when we walked to class. Then he kissed me on the cheek goodbye. He did all of this when we just met. What does this mean? Is this a good or bad thing if he does this the day that we just met?


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  • A lot of physical contact is common in some foreign countries I've heard. Italian men are known to kiss women on the cheeks that they first meet, Brazilian men are known to touch the face and hands a lot I believe, but if he doesn't do those things to every girl he meets, it probably means he wants to have a relationship with you, and he's also they type of guy who is going to be very physical, and enjoys a lot of touching. Google, and read up on "The 5 Love Languages" touch section to see why he does this.


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  • He likes u so do you buy the sound of it


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  • Ever heard of "love at first sight?" Ya he like you and it not nessisarly mean it's good or bad
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