Seeing a 35 year old who acts like he's in his 20's still, Help me?

I've been seeing this guy he's older then I am, he's 35. When I first meet him I thought he was younger. He looks like he's 26 tops, and acts like it too. But when we're alone and when it's time to be serious, he is. He's mature. He has a full time job as a mechanic, works Monday through friday, doesn't miss a day of work, so he's responsible. But other times he's not. He drinks every weekend, till he blacks out sometimes. I know he sleeps around too. We're not official or anything tho. I want to be but I don't know if I can. And I don't know if I could trust him. It's hard because I really care about him and I would love to be with him. I just don't know what to do. I feel like I should just cut him out completely. If he cares he's look for me and maybe change his ways, I've tried it but always fail, I think it's because I'm scared that he wont.
GUYS: why does he act like that? Do any of you act like that and if so why? What should I do? What does he need?


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  • You're young and not exclusive. Just move on.

    Also, you've officially busted the myth that age makes people automatically more mature. Congrats!


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  • There's nothing wrong with him.
    If you want to be exclusive, then talk to him about it.

  • He is a weekend warrior, and he is loose and single. It's his lifestyle. Unfortunately, since he has been open about such a lifestyle with you, there is a good chance, I believe, he is unready to change.

    Nevertheless, never underestimate the effectiveness of communication. If you want more with the guy, tell him.


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