My crush talks about another guy a lot?

He doesn't say anything like oh my god I really like this guy or anything, but he mentions this guy a lot. They hang out all the time, almost as much as me and him. This guy he talks about is gay; I don't think my crush is gay. Or well if he has, then he hasn't come out of the closet. I really don't think he's gay, but a couple of my friends do. How do I really know?


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  • Check how he acts around you and how he acts around that guy. Make a move on him try something flirtatious when your with him and see how he responds.

    • I've never seen this guy when I'm not with him, so I can't really tell. But this gay guy always talks about their matching outfits. My crush doesn't dress "gay"; he just wears nice khakis and a shirt.

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    • Hmm interesting, unfortunately i got nothin to say but keep your hopes up and if he turns out to b queer then good luck to you.

    • thanks for the MHO


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  • Make a move and if he freaks out, he's gay

    • Physically? What do you suggest?

  • Can't. Stop. Laughing. Rotf hahahhhhaaaaaah

    • Lol don't laugh. What's your opinion on this? Besides for somehow humorous.

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    • So why don't you bring up the topic? Be like "do you see yourself getting into a relationship Anytime soon? Do you think I would be a good girlfriend?"

    • lol because I get very uncomfortable.

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  • The only way of knowing is if he tells you.

    • So I should just keep flirting with him and hope he isn't gay?

    • That's entirely up to you, however I would say be prepared for rejection just in case.