Ife he says he likes me then why act this way?

i met this guy , i liked him instantly, he used too tekst me all through out the day and we had 3 meet ups/almost hook ups. He said he liked me and said i was beautiful and he liked talking to me and hanging out and wanted to see me badly. Well... lately no texts and when i tekst him, one word responses , and i dont know why? why lead someone on and then not talk to them anymore? he was also a pretty cynical person but now i dont know what to do? does he like me or did he lie? he said he also didn't wanted to pressure me into sex


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  • I don't want to hurt your feelings but he just doesn't like you. He may have liked you at first, but for whatever reason no longer does.


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  • maybe he likes other girls and is just in the game not into you