Boyfriend said he needed to think well over our relationship four days ago. How much longer do I wait?

My boyfriend called time on our relationship four days ago. He basically said that he needed to think well over what would happen because he didn't want to tell me he was fine and then afterwards turn around and say he wasn't.

I wrote to him that I wished him all the best if that was what he wanted and wouldn't want to keep him in a relationship if he was unhappy. He didn't reply back to that, but kept coming online in the days afterwards. Now, he has stopped coming online on whatsapp since yesterday. But I see that he uses Facebook to like and comment on other people's pictures (especially a lot of girls).

How many days should I give him to think it through? Or is he never going to tell me his decision?


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  • He will tell you when he's reached a decision.

    • Thank you for your input

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  • Not even a day. Tell him to get lost.


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  • Why does he have all the say? Doesn't a relationship involve 2 people? Walk away... get on with your life, this guy is just playing you to see how long you'll wait and how much he can get away with. Do you really want to be with a guy who needs to "think" about whether or not he wants to be with you? That's not love. Move on and find someone who "knows" you're the one he wants.

  • i think you shouldn't have said anything at all, you must show him that you don't give a fuck about him, if he really wants you he will call but if he sees you desperate it will be a turn off