Dating someone that can't apologize?

Does anyone have experience dating someone who can't admit that he's wrong and always wants things done his way?

I've been dating someone for close to 2 years and he's very stubborn. He wasn't like this in the beginning but lately it's more and more his way or no way.

When I do things his way, we're fine and everything's great. But the minute I do something or say something I want, or share a different opinion, we get into an argument. We fight over tbings that over couples laugh off or not even pay attention to because it's so stupid.

I find myself apologizing just so we can stop fighting, not because I need to or because I did something wrong.

I'm so tired of always apologizing over nothing. I want to break up but I don't want to throw away 2 years.

Help please


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  • You need to end it. It will make you miserable if a relationship isn't equal.


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  • oh god. i came SO close to doing this, but thankfully i realised early on that i could NEVER be with a man like that. theyre some of the most uptight egotistical people on the planet.
    yeah see and then ur the one who ends up having to make amends just to keep the relationship together, even if u did nothing wrong. how is that fair to u?

    i know, there's a struggle there. BELIEVE ME. girl to girl tho, id tell u this. it will only get worse. it's a part of who he is, but some women can deal with it and others just can't. figure out whether the pros weigh out the cons and make ur decision from there dear xx


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