Seriously, how do I get a boyfriend? (24 and never had one)?

I'm going to turn 25 soon and I've never had a boyfriend, never ever been asked on a date.
Honestly I'm done thinking something is wrong with me. I don't think I am ugly and have already posted my pic on here before and got quite positive feedback, and I am not a mean, uninteresting person. I've had guy friends, crush and all but they all turned out to either be taken and date other girl than me. So what do I do to be one of these girls that guys actually date? I just don't get how I am still single and no guy ever seemed interested in me?

(I did suffer from a kind of depression for two years but am over it now)

I moved to a new town and have very few friends here. Classmates are mostly about work.
What I meant by my question was to mainly get tips on what to do, how to act if I want a guy to notice me?


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  • OKEY DOKEY, i guess this is not a good dummy, i kinda seen there were dozens of men here said havn't got a kiss not even a girl in their first half , especially some guys were over 30, it's a global issue, not personal , don't bring these to yourself.
    People rarely trust each other , and many of them aren't sure whether choose a cliff to jump without holding back or save self from the probability of crushing to pieces.

    • lol, it seems to be a global issue on the internet. EVERYONE I know has been with someone at least once, whatever their looks, interests etc..

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    • well it would depend on whether I get on well with them or not. And to be honest I have neevr tried online dating because I do not readily trust people over the web, already have some issues doing so in real life so well.. See I guess my point isn't to victimize myself as "I'm the only one etc etc" this sin't my issue I'm just stating facts: and the facts are that: I've never had a boyfriend, no one ever asked me out , and the guy I crushed on, got sort of friend with, sort of showed interest, always end up telling me they found some girlfriend.

    • um i guess the surroundings hardly seen you showed up this talkative face in real life , that's the point, offline you're turned into social awkwardness, but with a appropriate veil you just became the little yellow minions, blablabla, if you're just tacking the choice where you can see , there are no options, reality social network is been cutting down, use your advantage , if you never step out a stride, i doubt you would know what's the taste of trust. yuh , i knew you concern, to you i just another silly stranger, to me one more anony, but i'm being candidly, you know why, i have nothing to lost except time, same to you.


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  • I am assuming you are a shy person. Shy people tend to show body language that tells the other gender to stay away. Lets pretend you are in love with me. I come up to talk to you, and you are so shy that you won't even look at me while I am talking to you. You fidget around like you are uncomfortable, and look like you want me to leave. I assume "Wow! This girl really doesn't like me at all" then I walk away thinking you hate me.

  • Maybe you're laying back and waiting for it to happen to you? why don't you try and go out there and make the move yourself

  • dont sweat it just go anywhere and go flirt with a guy go to a club or bar and when all else fails try online oh before online ask a friend if she has any single friends that she can set you up with

    • I have shitty female friends that are very competitive, although they know tons of guys they don't introduce them to me so yeah that is sort of out of the question. And I don't like clubs. Bars can be ok... but well right now I am rather without friends since I moved in a new town.

  • Come to London UK.
    We have the biggest cosmopolitan population... u will find some1

  • im 22 never had one its not end of the world yet. I think you will be fine.

    • yes of course I am fine, it's just that I am at a point where I get kind of tired of being alone and would just like to be with someone I like and who likes me

    • yeah it is kinda hard but dont lose heart.

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  • I think the reason why this is happening to you is because you are coming off as a bit desperate. Guys don't wanna date desperate girls just like girls don't want to date desperate guys. Stop obsessing over them and spend your energy on doing things that will benefit yourself

    • desperate? okay I don't know if that is true you see I'm quite shy, I don't talk to guys very often and am a rather serious person.