Do you still chat with other women online even if you are dating someone?

I was wondering. .. why do guys chat with women online with no intention of meeting them if you are interested in someone you are dating? Do you do it and why?


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  • NO, anyone who does that isn't sure of their relationship with someone.

    but i will admit i have thought about doing it, but i've never done it.


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  • If i had girl would I be chatting with other women?
    NO WAY in HELL cause when i give my heart i
    really mean it !

  • It's called friendship. I'm not just going to ignore my friends because I'm dating someone.


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  • Sometimes dating is just that, and guys want to leave their options open. Women do it, too. I think it's a matter of wanting to commit and officially give each other a title. Until then, if he's flirting with other girls, then he's just not that into you, or not ready to make that commitment. Men are far more simple than we make them out to be :)

    • Read my comment to her below and tell me what you think? I know he has a past and he has shared some of it with me

    • Hmm, just read it. I think while it's fair to have confidence in your guy and give him a chance, you should also never sell yourself short. Change comes from within, it's a personal choice. Flirting with women and searching for them online isn't a psychological problem, so if that's the choice that he's making, then you truly have yours. Despite what he says, actions will always speak louder, and he doesn't seem like someone who's really trying to change, unfortunately.

    • Yea I guess I will look for changes in behavior. He's always spending time with me and initiate a get together to go play ball with my brother. He has told me in the beginning that he was chatting with other girls but he keep thinking about me so he never go far with them. That was in the beginning. Hopefully it is still the same way

  • Not loyal guys, that's for sure. At least in my experience.

    • This guy that I have been seeing for 60 days did not believe in relationship or marriage. Now that he met me he is open to it. He admit that he has had his fair share of women but he wants to be with someone that can help him change. I caught him online while he was staying the weekend with me. I know he works a lot but on weekends he's with me. We communicate well and he treats me with respect. He has met my bro and sis. I met his family and they like me a lot. What do you think? Even though I caught him i still feel confident that he won't fall. If he start making excuses not to see me then I should worry. He knows I'm serious and I don't have time for games. I think he's trying to get away from his past and it's going to take time.

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    • Yea... I guess I will look for changes in behavior. If he does im giving up. I don't have time for that.

    • Read my comment above to the other woman