I met a guy and I can't stop thinking about him. Just don't know if I should make the first move or how to?

He helped to build my website so I paid him for his services but during the time we spent together I really started to dig him. He's pretty cute and I know he's single. Would it be weird to make a move in a business type situation? I haven't been able to stop thinking about him. This is super crazy!


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  • "One can't help where / when / how they meet other people they go through life with." So the answer is no.

    • What should I do then? Like how to go about it?

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    • I will muster up the courage to call. Gosh! This is gonna be difficult.

    • Go for it! "The pain of regret far out weights the pain of fear."

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  • I would definitely say go for it. You paid him so that transaction is out of the way and you can be more personal now. (Even if you use his services at a later date.)


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  • go for it, ask him out