Are we falling for each other?

I have a boyfriend, and we have been dating for about a week now. Whenever we're together he holds my hand or has his arms wrapped around my waist.

Today during a free period ( I'm in high school ) we were sitting next To eachother in the library, I was wearing my cheer uniform, and he starts rubbing my leg with his finger, while holding a book with the rest of his hand. When he touched me, I got this weird feeling in my stomach that I haven't ever felt, it was like major major butterflies. The feeling lasted until he took his finger off my leg. we kiss, like couples do, some pecks here and there between periods and such. I'm always happy around him, and he always makes me smile. Is it possible I'm falling in love with him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Definite infatuation. But! On the bright side, you guys like each other, so as long as you are happy, pursue the relationship.


What Girls Said 1

  • Just a week yet? I don't think that is "real" love.. thats only infatuation... wait till you both see each others "real" colors (attitude), after both of you will see how you handle hardships in relt'p, if you can pass the hardest trial in relt'p you encounter with him and still be happy after, thats real love :) in short, love is not about just feeling happy during good times.. its also surviving and still happy after bad times.. :)