First date...what should I do?

So me any this guy friend of mine (D) have been flirting a lot (see my previous question under flirting) and I finally got up the courage to ask him to this spring dance we're having in our dorm lobby. It's semi-formal so I'm going to be wearing this red, white, and black spring dress. Really pretty. I think I look good in it.

So, I asked him to join me I never said it was a date but he seemed really excited. He said things like "I would gladly join you" and "heck yeah I'll be there! " I thought it was cute.

So I want to know how to continue flirting on this date. Dancing is a must since he says he loves to dance. But what else should I do? Should I tell him my feelings for him. Should I kiss him?


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  • Give him a chance to kiss you first - This is kinda important in my opinion. You know he's already into you by the way he said he would come. During your date stand near him, sit near him - when not dancing touch his arm, at some point when dancing or standing with him, put your hand and then head on his chest - give him a lot of eye contact.

    If he's really shy, you may have to get very close to his face like your going to kiss him, look him in the eyes and have your lips slightly parted - he'll kiss you


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  • I think you should casually tell him that you were interested in him even without the dance, and you'd like to see if having a date might be fun for the two of you. . I think he'll respond the way you like. ;-)


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  • Dances are fun in that anything can happen. Pre-dances are annoying because all you do is sit around and worry about what if. Or how to.

    You've done a great job at getting him past the flirting stage and into a date, now don't worry too much, and let him work some magic himself. Flirting will come naturally, and if a kiss is going to happen, it's because you both had a great time with each other.