Girls never ask me any questions. They only respond but never initiate. No hope?

I'm 29, and feel like I have no hope with women. I'm not attractive, but I'm successful, kind, and well-learned in terms of life experience.
I do my best to interact with girls, but they never seem to initiate with me. If I ignore them, they seem to be even happier with it.
I feel like I have no choice but to just accept it.


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  • Everybody's attractive to somebody. Don't sell yourself short.


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  • may be u try too much, just play cool at times and stop putting ur self out there, ignore them at times and they will call around.

    • As I mentioned, I tried that. They just pretend I don't exist.

    • honi den just kip being you ok dont make ur self seem desperate, you gave up too soon do it this time for a long time. U c when u were ur self they were worried and wondering why u dont care any more, u would have ignored them for long and they would have come out of their shells.

What Guys Said 1

  • Just accept it, and eventually it WILL change. There will be a girl who doesn't ignore you. Trust me we all strike out more than we're successful. :)