My boyfriend hasn't called in two days?

Hey, Okay so, my boyfriend and I have a pretty solid relationship and he normally calls me like three times a day. However in the last two days he has not called once. I called him once last night and he didn't answer, and I haven't tried sense. So here are my questions:

1) Should I call him?

2) What does this mean?

He called. He just left his phone at home and he knew I was working all day yesterday and he didn't want to bother me. So, High Five! We're all good. Thanks for the advice


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  • My advice:

    1. yes, call him.

    2. what's it mean? too many possibilities to name. But I'd be _less_ worried about the relationship, and _more_ concerned with his health and safety. Don't be panicked and assume he's in a coma in a hospital. But if he's changed his communication pattern, I think you've got cause to be a little worried. If he doesn't reply to your call within a few hours, I suggest you call one of his buddies or a family member to ask about him, and/or perhaps visiting his home to see if he's there.


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  • What was said the last time the two of you talked that got him upset?

    • As far as I know we had a normal conversation. He looked at dogs on pet finder and he said he would call me later

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    • Nope. He met my mom this weekend, but we've talked a whole bunch since then so, I don't know if that is it

    • Ok, he's probably just unavailable for some reason.

      Let him contact you. You can find out what happened then.

  • That... he's busy. A guy can't keep the enthusiasm to call you everyday forever. And sure enough, sooner or later you'll realize you can't either.

    Anyhow yes call him, I'm sure he has a reason.

  • lol guys need space just ask how he's doing. as far I know guys don't want obligations from woman. I mean does he need to call he's your boyfriend, I don't know if you see each other evryday but seeing each other evryday would be enough for me he won't cheat or somting


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  • I had something similar with an ex of mine we used to talk all the time literally hours on end every single day, which is a good thing, but you also need to realise he has to spend some time away from you not talking to you for a while, because he needs time on his own just like you need time on your own.

    Im sure its nothing to worry about; instead of calling him why don't you just drop him a text to make sure he's okay that way you won't seem really desperate and that you HAVE to talk to him all the time :)

    Im sorry if I sound like I'm ranting, I don't mean to :)

    and about what it means, well he's probably just busy doing something, or didn't have his phone near him :)

  • do you always pick up when he calls? if he's always doing the calling he probably is just trying to check that you care about him as much as he cares about you. So he's kinda giving you a taste of your own medicine. But definitely try calling again and if he seems distant, ask him about it.