My boyfriend hasn't called in two days?

Hey, Okay so, my boyfriend and I have a pretty solid relationship and he normally calls me like three times a day. However in the last two days he has not called once. I called him once last night and he didn't answer, and I haven't tried sense. So here are my questions:

1) Should I call him?

2) What does this mean?

He called. He just left his phone at home and he knew I was working all day yesterday and he didn't want to bother me. So, High Five! We're all good. Thanks for the advice


Most Helpful Guy

  • My advice:

    1. yes, call him.

    2. what's it mean? too many possibilities to name. But I'd be _less_ worried about the relationship, and _more_ concerned with his health and safety. Don't be panicked and assume he's in a coma in a hospital. But if he's changed his communication pattern, I think you've got cause to be a little worried. If he doesn't reply to your call within a few hours, I suggest you call one of his buddies or a family member to ask about him, and/or perhaps visiting his home to see if he's there.