How to tell this to a girl?

So ladies and men. I'm 21 and have been on tinder lately I met this girl on there and we have having an amazing chat last night we started texting each other's and were flirting non stop. And we really really like each other she's local and she's 22 a senior at the local college here. It literally felt like puppy love when talking to her lol. But anyway I want to ask her out for a drink. My problem is this I have a learning disability it's not sever at all. But I also have medical issues not quiet as server either. My problem is how do I come out to her about this? She will find eventually in case we ever date. But like to say something before we meet I'm not afraid of being rejected because it's her loss in the end.

But how can I come out without her being like wow no thanks we should just stay friends.

What can I say because I really like this girl and she really likes me. But this is the one thing I know can be a blow to a lot of girls. What can I say to her? Thanks

Sorry for my spelling and grammar it's due to my disability.


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  • I would tell her around the third date if you do get that far. Maybe bring it up in casual conversation. Like if you and her are talking about different serious topics maybe bring up how she feels about people with learning disabilities. If she responds well then let her know about you. Don't make it seem like a big deal though because if you act like it is then she will think it is. I like a guy with epilepsy and he has a hard time spelling things sometimes but I don't care about that. He's really cool and it doesn't matter to me. If she's a good person she won't be scared off because of this.


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  • If she really likes you she will accept you with whatever you are dealing with. You need to tell her before and see how she reacts so you can see if she's the real deal. If she rejects you she isn't the girl for you! And keep trying other bc your girl is out there somewhere! And if she does accept you for who you are (which I'm sure she will) then you'll be so happy! Either way you put yourself out there which most girls know how brave that is!

  • it shouldn't be a big deal. I would hope that a future partner is understanding. I like the idea of waiting later to discuss it, but not too late. my bf mentioned to me he had adhd on our 4th date or so. i didn't notice really at all.


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