Boyfriend likes a bunch of girl's photos on fb. Should I be mad?

I've been dating my boyfriend for about 3 months now. He is a really great guy and whenever we hang out he always has his attention on me 100 %.

However, I saw seen him like a bunch of girl's photos on facebook. I feel jealous whenever I see him like another girl's photo or comment something like 'very pretty'.

What do I do? Should I ignore it or talk to him about it? What would you do if you were in my situation?


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  • That is really inconsiderate. He is your boyfriend, he should act like it. Really he's flirting. Not to mention it really undermines the strength of your relationship to anyone who sees him commenting about other girls.

    I don't even think you should tell him to stop, because then he'll just stop but still be disrespectful of your relationship in more hidden ways. This is the kind of guy that you just break up with. I guarantee you that it's only because you fail to notice otherwise that you think his attention is on you 100% when you hang out.


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  • One thing is that it shouldn't matter if he is liking another chicks pic (unless its a vary sexual pic) but he shouldn't be comment shit like "vary pretty" Its disrespectful to you for one. But talk it over with him and hope for the best. Just remember u shouldn't be liking any guys pic with them having no shirt and flexing n shit. Respect is a 2 way road girl. Good luck!


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  • It's very disrespectful. I wouldn't put up with it. There's no need for that.

  • Lol it's not ok unless he knows very well those girls and it's just not ''random girls'', you know. My even like that I'd be mad too.

  • I don't see anything wrong with him liking girls photos on facebook. He still is going to find other women attractive.

    Fortunately I have been blessed to never have had a bf who used facebook.

    And the guy that I am currently dating does not use it

  • Talks to him about it like why the hell would he your man, would go and like some other girls pic and comment "very pretty" that's like nuh uh