Why does he come to me when we don't have a sexual relationship?

Hey people! So I am posting this question again, because I feel like it's not getting much opinions. Well, this guy I know is bizarre. Everytime him and his girl are fighting or broken up, he'll try and go out with me or hang around me more. I would understand that if I were his "booty call" but see, that is what's so weird about it. We don't have a sexual relationship and I reject him all the time.

Also he doesn't talk about their relationship or relationship problems, I find out from other people when they are fighting. He always denies that she is his girlfriend, but it's weird that he always tries with me when they are fighting or broken up, he'll even do it at times when he is with her. I just don't get it. I don't get why he comes running to me when I don't put out lol. Any opinions? Please comment! Thank you! :)


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  • Maybe he admires you in a holistic way and isn't really trying to have an affair. Hey, maybe he likes the advice you give!

    Just as you give good advice here!

    • Lol, maybe marty lol. He acts very sexual with me though, so I have no idea, haha. Thank you though for commenting! You're the best dude! :))

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    • Lmfao! Yeah you might be right :)

    • Thank you!


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  • He is making you THE third party, or simply the caused of the break up between the two. Stay away from the idiot, its for your own good.

    • I'm sorry, I'm kinda slow lol, what do you mean by third party? You mean he's looking at me as a back up plan? Or I will eventually give in?

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    • Haha, that's cute :)) :D

  • He sees the comforting figure in you basically.

    • Yeah that's probably it, but he doesn't tell me what goes on in his relationship with her. He doesn't even tell me he's in a relationship with her, but the writing is on the wall that they are. He denies it, but I notice when they are on the outs with each other he tries to hang out with me more or go out with me, and I just don't get why he comes running to me when I am not in a sexual relationship with him lol. But thank you for commenting! :))

  • Sounds to me like he wants the comfort of a female (guys don't provide the same type of friendship) but doesn't require the sex. That doesn't mean he doesn't want it, it just means he can have the comfort without it and be satisfied.

    • That's true, but he acts pervy with me and very flirtatious lol. He always try with me and I reject him cause I fear that I might just be a back up plan when him and his girlfriend aren't on good terms. That's why it's confusing to me because I don't put out with him and I reject him yet he comes to me when there's trouble in paradise lol. He also doesn't speak of their problems or anything, I usually find this stuff out from friends and other people but he personally doesn't tell me anything about her or their quarrels or nothing lol. But thank you for commenting, you have a good point! :)

    • I had a female friend that I was like that with once. I didn't really want to date her, and I don't do friends with benefits, so I didn't want anything physical from her. But I'm still a guy and still have those needs, so it was nice being able to talk to her about stuff like that. It was kind of a release.

      Granted in this case, she and I were both single and had been for a long time. And we just chatted online, we hadn't gotten together for years.

    • Oh yeah! That's interesting! I see what you mean, and it very well could be that, thank you! :)

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  • some guys don't care if you put out, they will just keep trying until you do ^__^

  • maybe because he thinks you will.. or thinks you like him? or maybe he just needs a friend, maybe he doesn't like you or want a sexual relationship but just a friendship to take his mind off his girlfriend?

    if he's being flirtatious then I guess maybe he is an idiot, as he has a girlfriend? Just show him your not interested and shun him out.

    • Lol, yeah he is very flirtatious with me. He is always flirty with me, I just don't get why he comes running to me when there's trouble in paradise when A. He doesn't even tell me. B. I made it clear that I won't put out with him lol. I reject him a lot. So in my opinion it's just weird, cause like I said if I was his "booty call" that'd be one thing, but I'm not so it is odd to me. Thank you for commenting! I appreciate it! :))

    • Looks like he just can't take the 'no thanks'? And no problem :)

    • Haha, yeah. You are probably right! lol.