So to those of you who think men or women are shallow about weight, what do you think of this social experiment?

Look at the link, watch the short videos. In this social experiment it seems to be the case that more men tend to be a lot more shallow than women when it comes to the appearance and weight of their date. What are your thoughts? Are you surprised?


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  • Men and women are both equally picky but in different areas. I strongly believe that men are much more visually oriented than women are. Of course I'm not saying that women don't care about looks, but we're typically less impressed with beauty and willing to overlook physical flaws if he makes up for it in other areas (has a good job, confident, alpha male, funny, etc) while men are the opposite. Men will overlook minor character flaws but only if the women is beautiful enough.

    • well of course it's about the good job and the "alpha" personality at first. I sense gold digging.

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    • I think that putting too much weight in one area is illogical, but at least women tend to put importance in things that matter in the long run. As much as we all don't want to believe it, money is essential. A small waist is not.

    • You'd think it would be something like behavior, core values, personality traits. If a girl liked me only for my money gain potential, I'd leave her on the spot.


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  • Why are we limiting "shallow-ness" to only "weight"? Is that because "physical appearance" is something that's more important to men, so it doesn't serve us well (i. e., it's against our female interest) to talk about "social status, dominance, power, wealth, money, etc." ?

    "Shallow" is just a word people who don't have the quality that others are looking for use to justify their existence and cope with being less attractive and valuable to the opposite sex.

    If you're a fat ugly woman, and you don't get attention from men, men are so "shallow."

    If you're a broke loser of a man, and you don't get attention from women, women are so "shallow."

    What's the lyric from "People are Strange"? "Women seem wicked, when you're unwanted"

    Words like "shallow" are not "real." They don't express reality "objectively." It's a "coping mechanism" or rationalization or justification of one's personal situation. It much easier to call men "shallow" than it is to lose 40lbs. and $20,000 of plastic surgery to make up for your aweful sub-par genetics. It's much easier to call women "shallow" than it is to have a multi-billion dollar idea and land on the Forbes 500 list. Or, on the same vein, it's much easier to be an abusive @sshole with your significant other or those close to you than it is to actually be dominant and powerful with respect to "the rest of society."

    All I'm saying is, there's a reason it's women like Oprah or the women on the View talking about how aweful it is that men have sexual preferences, and they prefer what is an indication of something "better," and how it's horrible that they think that it's society that's conditioning men to not prefer or chase after the "average" or "below average." I don't see too many Victoria's Secret models or British glamour models making similar complaints.

    Men and woman both want the "good" and the "better," and if they have value to "give," they will not accept getting anything "less" than equal value.

  • Riiiiiight , because only men are shallow.

    This is why people don't support feminists no more when supporting woman's liberty becomes man hating and "Girls are better than boys because..."

    • That screen shot is kinda scary >.> I never said ONLY men are shallow. But 4/5 guys left the woman because she was overweight and came up with some ridiculous excuses just to get out of there. Only one woman left the guy before finishing the date due to his weight. I think that definitely does say something about gender expectations.

    • And by how the top guy dropped from a 9/10 to a 4/10 when they realize he's a clerk , that kinda says something as well lol.

      Men want physical attractions.
      Women want status.

      We all know that.

    • That's a good point you bring up. Cool video. Definitely food for thought. . . my proposition was merely about men being more superficial about appearance than women though. But I'm glad you brought this up actually, I don't mean to say women aren't shallow about anything else either.

  • I'm not surprised. Men go for looks first, personality second. Women go for personality first, looks a distant second.

  • fat people have no right to bitch about people not wanting to date them because of their weight. "were shallow" whatever, you're shallow for expecting "hot fit guys" to want to date you because of your "personality"

  • As a former overweight man, I can tell you that the fat guy experiment is bullshit. They will still treat you bad.

    • Hmmm maybe there are other factors at play that caused you to get a different result than the man used in the experiment?

    • Not sure, but I think the girls where just being nice. Being overweight is probably the biggest turn off to either gender.

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  • Idc who you are, everyone goes for looks. If your not attracted to them, your not gonna bother trying to get with them.

  • Fat guys get it bad too, however there are countless girls that overlook looks which never made sense to me tbh.