Did my friend only want to sleep with me or is it something else?

I'm really close with this one guy, we've been friends for a long time. At one party I confessed him I'm interested in him, and he said he is too. Then we started making out and went to his place and slept together. After that we haven't done anything except hanging out like we normally do. I just can't stop thinking if he only wanted to sleep with me or is he actually interested in me? And if he is why doesn't he do anything? Is there something wrong with me? :/ I'm a little chubby but he has said I'm pretty and nice.


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  • Sorry to be so blunt, but I think he knew you liked him, so he knew he could get laid if he tried.

    • That sounds quite bad :( but thanks for your opinion

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  • Maybe he is just wanting to take things slow and see if something develops when the both of you are not intoxicated. Drink can sometimes fuel emotion that when sober wouldn't arise. So he is maybe trying to establish if he feels more. than friendship with you.