You get into a fight with someone you're dating, how do you fix it?

I come from a family that likes to keep it all in until it explodes on the other person. Obviously that doesn't work in successful relationships.

What do you do for your SO after you get in a fight to make things better again?


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  • I take enough time away from him and the situation to cool down and get my mind straight. If I don't do this, we end up yelling at each other and once we're yelling it's all downhill from there. As soon as I yell he's not going to 'actually hear' another single world I say, his guard is up and he's in attack mode.

    So I walk away, and when we can calmly TALK about the subject, we do, and by then he has calmed down too and is in more of a neutral/fix it phase. We can pretty much come to a solution or compromise rather quickly once in this mind frame.

    After a fight or argument (by the way, every couple fights, EVERY couple, it's natural, it would be unnatural NOT to ever fight) it's time to apologize, accept your part in it, forgive and MOVE ON. It's an absolute huge no no to bring up crap that was swept under the rug long ago as ammo in a current situation. Let sleeping dogs lie. You don't do him or you or your relationship any favors by rehashing old shit.

    Another tip, is to pick your battles wisely. Sometimes it is necessary to fight or argue, many time it is not. I ask myself the question, "Will this still bother me in two weeks?" If the answer is no, then LET IT GO! What is your end goal here? To nit pick him to death or til he's sick of it and you? Or to get along with him, have fun, have you be a safe/compassionate/relaxing place for him. Yea, the second one, right? I thought so. If it's something that will still bother you in 2 weeks, it's probably worth some words.


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  • I go away until we both had to to chill out. Then talk about it, and end up having hot rough angry sex.

  • Wait till the both of you calms down then try to talk it out with an open mind. There are going to be things the both of you do not agree on so be willing to meet somewhere in the middle where the both of you can be somewhat happy.

    When problems arise don't sweep it under the rug until it explodes. Confront it, address it, and solve it and your life will be much less stressful.

  • You have to swallow your pride and do a 180 and apologize and accept blame.

    Most fights in relationships happen because of differences you two have. You need to realize that he/she is just never going to have the exact same life view as you because they are not you. You initially fell for this person because of all the things that made up who they are.

    If you back off and humble yourself, they will as well. If they never do, you can calmly talk to them about it in a less heated moment.


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