What's your method of kissing/hooking up?

hey everyone well I'm new to kissing/hooking up what's your method of doing it and what's some tricks hahah


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  • right time right place right person always works :) for both kissing and hooking up

    but just lean in slowly and keep eye contact while lowering your gaze at her lips then back to her eyes. she will get the hint.. I know kinda sounds a bit hollywood but it works. makes me feel that it means something, which it should if your gunna kiss someone or hookup with them mean it. keep your heart in the right place and it should all end up well..

    as to the hooking up, you have to hang out as friends first then move into bigger things. (if your looking for a long term relationship) if not, I'm not the one to give advice on one night stands. (its a horrible thing to do to anyone)


What Guys Said 1

  • i dotn have an answer but I could use some help on this to : /