It's only been about a MONTH... but still?

how do you know if you're in love with the guy?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You don't if you're in love till 50 years from now and it's the person sitting next you just a talking smiling like they had 50 years before. My point is too many girls assume they've found love or it's the first guy they date and they think it's love or it's their first sex partner so they think it's love... It's only love if all you can put all the wants (sexual things, finical things, ect) on the side or on hold for a long period of time to show that is something real. This why I think chasity belts should be used because girls are for the most part sleeping with guys just because they think that equates to love.


What Girls Said 1

  • I know that when I can't stop thinking of him. When I ask my friends about him and stalk his social medias. When I feel really depressed and nostalgic about the good moments we had.