Is my crush inappropriate?

So I've developed a crush on this guy who is a mentor for my class for college freshman. He helps the teacher with discussions and grading papers and things like that. He's a senior in college and is also our "senior advisor" for all the kids in our class, he talked to all of us during orientation, and had us add him on Facebook and get his number in case we ever have questions. He's a really nice guy and I would be interested in getting to know him better and maybe flirting a little but. Is it really inappropriate that I like him? If I still have a crush on him after he graduates would it be creepy if I started to try to flirt? I feel really awkward about this. What should I do?


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  • He is within your age range so nothing wrong with it. However, I doubt that he is allowed to date you given school rules. Importantly, it is also hard to tell if he likes you or is just doing his job.


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