What do girls look for in a guy? (18+)

Title says it all, but I'm talking girls 18+.



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  • Every girl has her own preferences, so I can only begin to list mine:

    1. He should be righteous and treat people with the respect they deserve.
    2. He should be there for his family and friends.
    3. He needs confidence and should be self-sufficient.
    4. I d like him to be clean and somewhat organized.
    5. I would like him to listen to my stories and comfort me when I feel sad.
    6. I would prefer him to be educated and/or interested in the world around him (try new things with me).
    7. I love guys are bigger than me and who can at least lift me (: best feeling ever, being carried or bear-hugged by a nice guy.
    8. A general positive attitude to the world and some humor would be most welcome.
    9. I like him to be a man and he is not afraid to lead in the relationship sometimes.
    10. If I can ask one more thing, I love imagination and stories, I would love it if he has some good stories to tell.

    Maybe this is too much to ask, but this is what I would prefer. Not necessarily in this order though. But most importantly I want a guy to be a guy, not someone who always asks you what to do, but I want him to have his own interests and preferences from which I can learn :)

    • Thanks for the great answer.
      How do I show who I really am to a girl that I hace recently met in class?

    • Just be yourself, a girl can recognize a great personality. Things that you can explicitly show is humor and being interested in her and maybe helping her out with something.


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  • Someone who I can communicate with on a deeper level. Someone who isn't afraid to show me his feelings and emotions. Someone who is able to be in touch with their emotions and understand the deep part of life, while at the same time can make me laugh till I cry. In short, someone who is not only deep and emotional but also very funny and we can both make each other laugh.

  • The ability to talk through things instead of holding a grudge, loyalty to his friends, family, work, a strong work ethic, a sense of humor and compassion, he needs to be confident in himself, a guy that you feel 100% safe being with and around and like when you are with him nothing or no one can hurt you

  • A gentleman.. From a boy to a grown man.. Maturity plays a big role to me, i can't stand childish behaviour..

  • For me it's someone who has a good sense of humor, has a strong work ethic, is faithful, and mature enough to resolve issues instead of arguing about them.

    • How do you prove these to a girl you've recently met in class? (College)

    • Hmm. That one might be tough. I'd just engage I, conversation with her and ensure that you are being an active listener. I'm sure the conversation will go many different directions a, d you could talk about previous jobs, hobbies, things you are really passionate about, and maybe throw some jokes in there and see if she has a similar sense of humor! I hope things go well for you and said girl!

    • Thank you!

  • Someone who is 100% genuine with themselves and with me.

  • Somebody who has their own mind

    • I get what you mean, but can you go into more detail?
      Also, how can a guy show that to a girl he likes?

  • Communication, trust, compatibility, consistence.

  • His pure love.
    His loyalty.
    His kindness.
    His charming.


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  • a d00d who knows what he wants in life. isn't a bum. has drives and makes efforts to pursue those drives in life. isn't indecisive.

  • An interesting exciting guy, with an interesting life journey that they can accompany him on.
    Someone who is a little mysterious, a little exciting, does his own thing and when push comes to shove, makes her feel safe and unafraid.

    • How do you show that to a girl you've just met?

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    • You never know. An hour of really deep conversation with her, and she could come away thinking all of those things about you.

    • Good point. Thanks!