How do I keep this relationship going?

I met this guy through some friends about a year ago then in June he started to message me on kik. we have talked almost every day. He (Garrett is his name) told me in July that he really liked me and wanted to hangout sometime. he's not allowed to date yet! we have a secret relationship but we haven't seen each other in person yet... till today. it wasn't planned, he was working at a festival i went to. I saw him first and i got weak in the knees then he looked up and saw me. it was like a mini heart attack! i had to sit down at a table and eat with my friends and he had to work but we were looking at each other the whole time! thhheeeeen i had to leave :'( That night he texted me and said "I love you. When i saw you my heart stopped and i couldn't breath. You're so perfect and i love everything about you" then we talked all night about how we love each other and we sexted for awhile (no pics) so my question is how do i keep this relationship going till he is allowed to date? (probably a year)


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  • It's going to be very challenging but I think you guys could do it. Maybe you guys should try to see each other in person more often! That'll help a ton!


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  • If the love is strong, im sure you guys will make it happen. Kik him, see him on Skype... there's multiple ways to communicate with him.


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