Does this count as leading someone on?

Say you know that someone likes you even though they haven't told you. They think you two could be more than friends but you don't like them back. Is it leading them on to just keep quiet and not tell them you don't like them back? Should you tell them the truth even though they haven't said anything yet?


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  • I wouldn't consider it leading the person on unless you're flirting with them. If you're "ignoring" them or treating them with indifference, then I don't know if you have to mention anything to them, since you don't know for sure how they feel.


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  • i wouldn't count that as leading them on. if it does then I've lead on a shit ton of girls :P


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  • That's not leading someone on. You're not responsible for someone else's feelings. If you're a good looking woman, tons of guys will like you and you will only like a few back. What are you supposed to do, send them all polite rejection letters in the mail lol If the guy hasn't asked you out then how can you reject him?

    This guy at work is like in love with me but I dont lead him on by like agreeing to go on dates with him just for free dinners. I just dont return the same interest or pretend to like him back.

    Some guys can be hypersensitive to this "she led me on" shit but in life everybodys not gonna like you back. what can you do about it?

    • Thanks :) I thought maybe I could get away with not having to tell him, but I don't want him to carry on thinking he has a chance. His family may even think there's something between us. I met some of his family at his birthday party a few days ago, and I heard one of them saying 'I think we may have a black one in the family' (he's white and I'm black) haha!

      I kind of want to tell him asap but it's weird just randomly bringing it up. And it's his birthday tomorrow lol