Hi everyone! tell me how or what to do to forget someone we really liked?

You never forget really, we only superimpose new memories. To not think of someone better is to go out, see the world, will air the head, caring spirit and gradually the memories of that person will be buried under new memories, new stories will take the place of the one you occupy the mind at the moment.

  • kill her
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  • You dont forget... you nevr forget... it just gets pushed back into your mind slowly eating your heart and soul away until one day you look back and think about every single painful heart wrecking moment and you sit down on the edge of your. bed shaking your head and saying... wtf. And then u continue your. life ignoring the feelings you had because confronting them is to difficult. they will be suppressed and rplaced by other things in life but its impossible to completely destroy all feelings if they were genuine... and then u die.


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  • Find someone else to focus your attention on. I do that all the time and it works. But I also fall for people easily.

  • Lol, umm killing and shooting? No :P definitely going out, seeing, doing, and finding someone new :) and while you may not forget them the sting of not being with them will go away

  • Funny both your options are pretty much the same. though that would lead to guilt and guilt would be a hundred times worse than before.. like 24/7 slow mo images of her running through your head.. so that's not really a solution.


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