How to get over a boy that's super out of my league?

I'm 15. I'm smart and people say I'm really bubbly and funny. The problem is that I'm ugly. I'm tall, no butt, no boobs, and a muffin top. I also have bad posture so my shape can't even make up for my ugly face. I have huge ugly eyes weird lips and nose, and a big forehead.(ps: don't give me that BS that everyone is beautiful and I'm jus insecure. I'm not insecure, I'm jus aware that I'm not pretty), My school is predominately white, but me and my crush are both black (which makes it worse that I don't have a butt) He is a basketball player, he's popular, funny, and he has a GREAT body. His past girlfriends are pretty and skinny with big butts. One of his best friends (a female) is also my friend, and she is pretty and funny and plays basketball too. The only reason they don't go out is that their like brother and sister (which only emphasizes why I would never ask him out. He has so many better choices! I hate that I like him, because he's so unattainable that there's no point in me trying to get someone so out of my league. (I've also never had a boyfriend or even had anyone have a crush on me). How can I get over him before I start really crushing on him?


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  • Lol the honest truth, you meet the real fishes out of highschool. Highschool is mostly about status which ends completely after senior year. Everyone gets theirs at some point in their life, your time is not now so prepare for the future where you will be an attractive stylish classy women with dudes hitting on you because you are a bad broad.


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  • I have had the same problem, the way I got over him was when he started dating another girl and I thought to myself that if it were meant to be it would have happened. - I decided he just wasn't The One.