How long is too long for a guy to call?

say you've started seeing each other again and you've seen each other about 3 times so far, about once a week, and things have gone great. he usually takes quite a bit of time for me to hear back from him since he's busy, and I think he sometimes feels like I need to initiate things, but how long is too long to wait?

  • 1 week
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  • 2 weeks
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  • 3 weeks
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he usually gets in touch after about a week, but I don't really like that and I think I need to talk to him about it? isn't that kind of a long time? he's really busy, and his last relationship was long distance, so I feel that could be why?
if he takes between 1-2 weeks is that too long?


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  • That's wayy to long. No one is that busy. I would say anything over a week is pushing it. I never wait more than a day or so if I'm into a girl. We live in an age where we are all on our phones most of the day. I mean it doesn't take that long to send a message or make a phone call.


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