Girlfriend trouble need advice?

I need advice. I been dating this girl for almost a week. I left my Table and Went to sit with her and her friends. I Hate sitting with her friends.( which are all guys) when I sits over there she barley talks to me And I have to start the conversation. I don't know what to talk about. she talks to the other guys that me it seems

We're highschoolers


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  • If you are with her friends, just go with the flow and try not to focus on her too much... But when the friends aren't around anymore, tell her about your concerns regarding you're uncomfortable sitting with her friends and that she barely talks to you and about the topic that interests her in group conversation... She will listen to you and see how she reacts.. maybe next time she will change her style and might talk to you more as she's already aware of it... Stay cool :)


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  • Just ask her if she wants you to be sitting with her. Maybe she's trying to tell u that if u want to date her u can, u just don't need to be with her all the time. Girls like guys who are open, and if ur honest with her chances are ur relationship will turn out better than expected:)

  • if your high schooler, then why does your age say 30-35?

    • That's the age put on email I guess

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  • I take it you aren't 30-35. Just be cool about it. You can talk to her a lot later on when it's the two, of you

    • I respect this advice because another adult once told me that the mature way of handling issues with people is to confront the actual person while there is no one else around. However, when you are in their presence, you have to act as natural as possible because the polite thing to do is to allow every one else around you to feel comfortable even though you yourself might not be okay. That is what an adult in my life who I greatly respect told me and so far I have found it a worthwhile practice.

    • Plus if he says anything, her friends will defend her over him. I don't think she's doing anything wrong per se.