Is it okay to date multiple people over a 10 year period at your job? I've only slept with 2 (6 years apart) but I'm always being asked out?

There are about 900 employees and 80% are men who are for the most part financially stable, hard working individuals. I don't get out much and the majority of the guys I meet, I work with. The guy to girl ratio is crazy but most of the men here happen to be my type: strong, masculine, physically fit, and they're working for a company where I know they can go far in and we could be successful together. Downside is I don't want the reputation that most women have here because there's too many men to go around and its so easy to pick one up, they pounce on us lol. there's a new guy who is interested and I really don't want to turn him down, only one of my relationships was made public, the other was very discreet. I just don't want them to be in a meeting together or something and my name comes up. I'm weird like that and I don't want to be uncomfortable at work.


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  • luck you, the only time i've been asked by girls was for the time on my watch


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  • Go ahead and date them. Hopefully the guy is secretive about it.