No hope for the future?

I was texting with this guy three months prior to seeing him. Now we've been kicking it for a month. At first we made it very clear that we were going to maintain a friends with benefits status.. since this month we have been seeing each other more often he claimed to have really liked me. Just three days ago he took me to his friends party.. on of his friends said something to him like," blah blah blah... you and your girl should come." He automatically took offense and said, "That is not my girl! That is my friend." So one minute this guy is telling me things like.. I can't believe I met you finally, I feel like I've known you forever, I really like you, I miss you, One day Im going to be the guy on your screen saver... but then he gets so offended when someone accuses me of being his girl? What am I suppose to think? Right now I've been playing it cool like whatevers but that shit killed my pride... This fool called me a "THAT!"


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  • Fuck him.. not fair to be messing and playing with you

  • ASK, you'll never know where you stand if you don't ask. Don't expect him to tell you, sometimes guys aren't the smartest.