Should I get with heartbroken guy?

I met him in college and we've been friends for a while. He's a sweet guy and super attractive. We share many interests and and hobbies. He's a really quiet and got him to come out of his shell. I found out he was seeing a girl and the other night, she broke his heart. He was devastated.

I feel bad but I want to make a move. I never told him I love him or crushing on him. Should I wait until the pain goes away or keep it in?


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  • Just be there for him. Support him. Be a listener. One day the pain he has will begin to heal, and hopefully he will see you for how wonder you are and get with you.

    Good luck

    • Thank you. That's what I plan to do.


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  • The best cure to get over a broken heart is to find someone else. So , I say go for it. It will make him feel better, and you will make your move like you want. :)

    • That's what I thought. I just don't want to scare him.

    • I doubt he's going to turn you away. Now, whether the relationship gets serious or not, who knows. But it could still be fun. :)

    • That's true. I just hate seeing him sad. After he described his previous relationships, he deserves better.

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  • Well you probably don't wanna come on too strong, but yeah! Go ahead

    • How would I tell him without coming on too strong?