Who do I pick? I'm so confused!

There's two girls. One who I barely know, but can easily get to know. The only problem is that i'm shy. All of my friends know her, but I never spoke to her. We're in the same circles of friends and all. I honestly think she's the perfect girl for me, but I just read this thing on here and it changed my mind completely. I still think she's gorgeous and perfect, but I just don't have the balls to talk to her, I don't know why.

My friend went to homecoming with her and all. My other friend who is really close with her talked to her about it. She said she liked it and all and might be interested in him. This is where the word might becomes a huge part as she's not entirely sure. He's a grade higher and two years older than her. To sum it up, I really think she's perfect for me but I get super nervous and really shy when she even walks near me.

On to the second girl. She's in my first period, always looks back at me. She looks at me for a bit then turns back and looks forward. And it's really obvious that she's staring as I sit in the very back row and she's in the second back row. Unless she really likes looking at the wall next to us, she's looking right at me. I look back most of the time and make eye contact. I'm extremely confident around her.

But the thing is, I get no "spark" from her. I don't know why, but she just isn't my type. She's gorgeous and is great overall, but just not my type. But the thing is, we've rarely talked and I barely know her. I was going to start talking to her and find out what type of person she is. I don't want to confirm she's not my type when I don't talk to her much.

I'm really not too sure what to do right now. Do I go for the first girl or the second? I don't want to go with the second girl just to have a girlfriend.

They're both in the same group of friends so if I date one, i'd never date the other cause they talk and would probably make me look bad.


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  • Don't pick either one.

    The first one isn't interested in you and you're not interested in the second. Don't date that second girl just to date her, she deserves better than that. She should have a guy that feels like you do about the first girl. And how you feel about the first girl is probably similar to how you feel about the second girl. So just don't pick anyone. Find a third girl that you like and that likes you.


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  • don't go for either one of them. date a third girl until you can get to know girl 1 better and see if she's someone youd date. if you date a girl outside the friend group then it won't matter

  • Don't go for a girl that you don't feel a spark for.


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  • What thing changed your mind about the first girl? She's perfect for you, and you get sparks? If so, get over being shy and at least make an attempt at getting her.

    Unless whatever you read has *really* changed your mind.

    If you don't think she's perfect for you, then learn more about the second girl. Chemistry sometimes takes time to develop - but definitely don't date her if you don't have chemistry (ie: don't date just to have a GF). OTOH, dating so you get some experience in handling relationships, etc, is all to the good - it'll improve your confidence, and your skillsets.

    Also, women like to pursue what other women already have, so this might be a good opportunity to up your status.

  • I devide your question into 2 parts:
    For the first girl, if you really really like her then i think you will need an oppotunity to get to know her, try to talk and work around her if you guys are in the same project or any activity. If you feel confident around her after that, ask her if she has Fb or ask for her number. This way you can talk to her outside of school and not that awkward as in real life, i'm a shy guy myself and i've experience this
    For the second girl, ask among yourself if you still accept this girl if your first girl is taken, she seems to like you but you said she isn't your type so ask yourself. If i'm you, i will try to get to the first girl and talk to her more, if i fail, i will take a break to think about the second girl and get to know her if i think she's my type. Hope this help you, there are some weird grammars here because i'm using IOS 8 and the auto correct mode even worse than it was