It this ok, if I ask frenshman girl out a date.. when I'm in junior?

this girl like angel to me and she so pretty, I like her first time I saw her, I saw her again in hall way when I sit in class, I smile at her, she smile at me with side long glance with her eye squinting.. we kept eye contact for 3 second,.. then she turn her head away but she still look at me and smile.. then I turn away... I really like her so will you PLZZ answer me,.. Should I date her...


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  • Ya just make sure she is comfortable with the age gap. And no to move to fast since she is only 14 ish.


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  • If you really like her you wouldn't care about her age.
    That's cute you called her an "angel".

    • As long as you both keep your clothes on... sure. Finding people that make you happy is important at any age.

What Guys Said 2

  • Don't fall for the trap, younger girls in HS are the devil. I dated a sophomore (barely 15) when I was a senior (17) and it was a stupid, stupid decesion.

  • Juniors dating freshmen isn't too uncommon. I say go for it.

    • What should I ask her? We are not friend... I don't even know her name,.. she don't even know my name..

    • You should ask her on a date first.. Say something along the lines of "Hey I thought for a long time that you were very beautiful and I wanted to know if you wanted to _____"