Is it normal that I want the guy I'm dating to hang out with me everyday?

So we are in college and most college romances are usually hanging out in each others rooms and a string of fairly constant sleepovers. So this new guy I'm dating doesn't seem into that at all.. and it's kinda making me wonder if it's normal that I want him to hang out most every night.

Should I be offended that he said "see u later" instead of asking to come in or me to go to his place after our date? We live across the street from each other so it's not really an issue of what someone has going on.. because it's a two minute walk in between our places.


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  • I guess he's just independent and likes doing his own thing. In my opinion, this is important and can make a relationship far healthier than others. Its good to miss someone and get things done.

    • Yeah.. the only problem is that I get kinda crazy, and I hate feeling so needy, but I feel a little hurt every time he doesn't want to hang out. I don't like being that girl, but sometimes I don't really know how to stop it. I know I sound awful especially since we've only been together for about 3 weeks now. I think I just don't really know what I'd do if I'm alone...

    • Hobbies, friends, study, etc. Just distract yourself and try control those emotions.


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  • What red blooded boy doesn't find an excuse to be at his girlfriend's place all the time? There's something amiss that you need to talk to him about before you sleep with him again. Sounds like maybe he's happy with hookups and not hangouts.

  • I wouldn't like spending each and every night with someone , not because im a liar or something its just sometimes i need to be alone to think to do my own things a chance to miss her too also my personality i always want alone time


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  • It's normal during the beginning phase, but you will most likely lose your interest in daily togetherness after this phase (may take a few weeks, maybe less, maybe more) and then start to want your alone days in between as well, or days spent with other people than him.