Girls, I have a huge problem here. I have always believed in a social group existing in society, consisting of unlovables. I think I am one?

im not being mean. i just think there are people in the world that die alone. i have only ever been liked by a girl once in my 18 years on this planet. and when i told her i liked her back she rejected me. i have always been alone. its all i know. please tell me what aspects girls find undatable, before i hang myself.


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  • before getting into despair, how about some self inner search. Instead of looking for love outside, look for love inside. Meditation for example, could help.

    • i have never tried any meditation. could be worth a shot. its no lie that i haven't had self confidence for years. are you saying that i should not look for love from others, but learn to love myself? thanks for responding by the way

    • Yeah, Love yourself first. Because relationships are not pain and unhappiness, they just bring the pain and unhappiness that's inside. So, loving yourself will mean that next time you live a rejection, it won't hurt because you'll still have, well, you. Google a book called the four agreements, by Miguel ruiz


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  • Desperateness is unattractive.
    So is neediness

    • i do hope i have managed to avoid these. it took me a long time to tell her. i think she may have slowly lost feeling for me. but thank you for your response and for caring.

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  • The thing that has kept me going for 22 years of being lied to, manipulated, and rejected, and lonely: the man who can live with women is the one who can live without them

    • That's certainly an interesting comment. This rejection i face is just one of a number of things that makes me feel life is intolerable. I thought that since I can't love myself and no one else will that I should just not bother living.

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