My guy friend military girlfriend cheated on him, is it legal to have sex while you deployed?

My friend guy just found out his fiancée is overseas cheating on him and even seen messages from guys over there in her Facebook inbox because he became suspicious of cheating. She would add so many guys on Facebook from deployment and refuse to accept any of his family and friends. The messages in her Facebook was stating that she was having sex over there. I didn't think she was cheating because she had him all over Facebook that she loved him. Since when did sex become allowed while deployed? He seen emails where wife's in the unit would think about leaving their husbands at home.


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  • Yes, thats adultery and punishable under article 134 of the ucmj. Especially if she was deployed in a combat zone like Iraq. Because thats also an action unbecoming of a military professional. If she's in a combat zone i know your forbidden to have sex or many times be in the same can or hooch (personal quarters) as a female. So you might as well throw in disobeying a direct order. Military personnel have been sent to prison for a short time and discharged from the military for that, but only under rare circumstances are the punishments that drastic. Usually the punishments are as follows; loss of rank and loss of pay coupled with extra punitive duty (EPD).

    • She's a csbrn specialist... if I said that correctly but they seem to stay in females room and they commander cool with it

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    • Chemical specialist

    • Smh that's crazy


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  • To the best of my knowledge the ucmj only prohibits relationships between subordinates and superior officers/ senior NCOs in a position of authority over them.


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  • It's frowned upon for anyone in the military to shave are, single or not while deployed. You're suppose to have better things to do ;) but everyone does it. Either way he should probably leave her

  • LOL. are you kidding me? ... of course you can have sex overseas...