Is it bad that I'm kinda obsessing with being in love/ falling in love?

I broke up with my long term bf two years ago I'm awful at dating because I haven't dated in 8 years I was so in love with him and I have lost all of my game I tried the whole hooking up rebound thing but I suck at at in not good at it I honestly am the girl that can't just hook up I have never been that chick. After we broke up I just don't know if real love exhaust anymore he was the perfect guys almost but I was head over heels in love like romcom etc

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  • I feel the same way except I've never had a girlfriend before. I'm starting to feel hopeless. I've been very bummed out lately.

    • I'm 20 btw.

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    • Yw but just because it happens doesn't mean that it will work out just keep your heart open and free because you have to get hurt to find the right one the real one. Guess I just answered my own question but taking your own advice is always the hardest

    • I see, thanks a lot. That's true.


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  • It's not uncommon to want to be loved, but you have to lower your walls in order to find love. You have to let someone walk into your life and get to your heart.

    • Patience is a Virtue just not one of mine

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    • Well, that's what the guys in your age range want.

    • Well when I'm out yea but I tend to date older guys but they can also act like boys

  • I fucked up with the girl I'd thought I'd marry. Now all my friends are having kids and are in relationships for 2+ years. I'm the only single friend left. I fuckin hate it.

    • So why don't you fix it?

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    • They are! Well I have one girl left who's a good friend. But we had a history and we get a little jealous sometimes when we tried to help each other lol. So I guess I'm on my own

    • Oh you need to get over that shit and fast my best friend and I used to hook up now it's like it never happened

  • a lot of woman are obsessed with that.

    • It's difficult because I have never been that girl. I hate it

  • It's natural but you must get over it and find someone else.. I think you can't really get over him until you fall in love again


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  • Most people who are in love are really not they are just in love with the thought of being in love. They only realize it once the relationship is over

    • That's very true but I have been in love twice and it was the real deal

    • I thought the same thing too but then I looked back and realized that it was not real love

    • I have looked back too and it really was literally the perfect relationships one I fucked yo and the other we lost a baby and dealt differently we just never got past it I guess