Does my female friend want to have sex with me?

She never say that she like my type but she said all the girls like me , one day she wanted to invite me out instade of sayong come with me and my friends she suggest as a joke to go to a hotel , i thought she wasn't seriouse now after two years she said lets have sex on Christmas i thought she is joking then i said with who she said huh? I thought she sent it bu mistake i didn't say anything now she sent me a pic from Twitter saying that without sex we would have depression she wrote thats why i have bad mood i told her just have a date and sex she said i want to have sex now , does she want sex with me or just joking i told her u have too sunce yesterday u have bad mood she didn't reply , whats going on?


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  • Sounds like she only wants sex. Like the other answer had try to joke around with it and see how she reacts.

  • yes, I think she does want sex with you.. try to joke about it and test her reaction


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