What would be a good romantic first date to take a shy girl on?

This girl is shy and blushes a lot when I talk to her. But she seems to like me and I like her so I wanted to ask her out.


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  • Movie, you get to spend time with her, she doesn't have to talk and can get comfortable just being around you, plus, it gives you something to talk about right after.


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  • The Movies :)
    That is a great first date - I used to by shy myself when I was in my early teens and the movies are good bet
    Or you could do something that she likes to do - & if you like it too Is also another good choice.
    Good luck :)

  • I agree with a movie, or you could go ice skating?


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  • This is really all bs. Take her to a place where she can talk to you. Why would she like to go to a movie? She wants to talk to you and not watch the goddamn movie, You're gonna make her blush, not the movie. Take her to a walk or a small hike or a walk or a small dinner and then a walk, and this way she'll even get to kiss you if she wants that xD. DO NOT take her to the movies. She wants to get to know you and you want to get to know her too it seems so I guess it's really all taken care of and plus shy girls are the ones who are really loving and are loyal as anything (from my experience). Hope this helped.