What's wrong with me?

It's quite embarrassing to admit this but I've never had a boyfriend, been on a date, been kissed or anything of the sort. I don't really go out much on a social aspect since I work and will be starting senior year in about a week. I don't go to parties but then again I don't get invited to any either. I don't drink or smoke or curse or anything bad. Am I too much of a goody two shoes of a friend to go out with guys?I want a serious relationship, not just a fling.


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  • There's nothing wrong with you. Not everyone has rounded heels and goes round the block.

    My wife didn't have a relationship in HS either. Neither did I, neither did my daughter in law. (I had two "flings", only because the circumstances were right: one was good luck, the other one bad luck)

    I remember three parties I went to. Lonely. My birthday coincides with school vacations in July, so I wasn't home to give a party, nor were my friends to come. Thus few people invited me to their parties. Same for my son: Easter vacations.

    We don't feel embarassed about it.

    It's not necessary but you could try starting with a fling(without illusions) and turn it into a serious relationship. Just pick the right guy.(they exist: look in your friend zone)

    Don't worry, be happy. link


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  • I never went to a single party in high school until I was 18, and I was just about to graduate. My first serious boyfriend was my husband (in fact, I didn't go to a single party til he took me haha). My first official kiss wasn't til I was 16 (and I'm so sorry I wasted it on that creep). Just be who you are and what makes you happy and enjoy life. No one says you need to constantly date and party in high school to have a good time. I didn't, and I loved high school and most of all, people respected me. They may have made fun of me at first, but they all admitted to me at some point or another they wished they were more like me and had more control over their lives. Now here I am, 3 years after graduation in a healthy, happy, loving relationship, my husband has a secure job, and we have a baby on the way. What are they doing? Working in places like McDonald's and Taco Bell and still partying and living in crappy apartments and their lives really have no meaning.

    • Thankies. It just bothers me sometimes that a lot of my friends have boyfriends and I'm the only single on in the group. But I understand what you're saying and I'll definitely keep it in mine. I want to make my last year of high school count :)

    • Definitely do make it count :) It's the only last year you'll get (well hopefully haha). I went into Senior year only wanting to have fun and enjoy myself. I could have cared less about boys distracting me...and I had a GREAT last year!

  • I know lots of wonderful girls your age who have yet to have a boyfriend or be kissed, or anything, so don't worry. Lots of girls don't even really have their first relationship until college. It's perfectly normal.

    • Lol. That's what my mom said. She didn't have any relationships through high school either. Thankies.

  • Don't be ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with you. In fact, I too had this insecurity not too long ago. I had never been kissed, I wasn't partial to swearing and parting just wasn't my thing. I'm 19 and I'm still a virgin, but I have been kissed. In fact it was this past December on my 19th birthday. I regret it entirely because the relationship was rushed and I had no feelings for him. There is no rush for things like this. The best things come to those who wait. You're young and have so much ahead of you. I'm saving my virginity for someone I love, not just for anyone. You'll have your chance, you'll think it'll never get here, but it will. There is nothing wrong with you. He's out there and you'll know once you've found him.

    • Thankies. I wear a promise ring and I'm definitely waiting until I'm married to have sex. I just wasn't too sure if I'm too much of a goody goodie to be in a relationship.

  • im in the same boat as your and I'm 20 think about how you would feel if you where my age! It will happen sooner or later just don't give up hope even thought I started to a while ago!