Ended last week really well. This week she is cold as ice?

Our last date last week ended with us talking and kissing a lot in the park late into the night. It was great. I was out of town the weekend but she wasn't feeling well and that went into the early part of the week. She was also busy at work. I thought ok, that could be why she isn't responding much to text messages. She has given short messages and very spaced out. I asked her if she was available tonight or this weekend and received an answer later that she had a busy day.

I'm baffled by the hot and cold reaction from last week to this week. Can she really be that busy that she doesn't even want to reply to texts back even after work? Am I thinking too much into this? I still have hopes to see her this weekend but I'm worried that may not happen and she is no longer interested in me.


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  • Did you change anything about your looks? Some girls are very shallow and will not like you just because you forgot to gel your hair up.
    If anyone does this to you they're obviously not worth it and they will betray you later on if you get into a relationship.


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  • I don't know dating can be like this , I've had girls go from totally hot to very cold for no reason or cold to hot for no reason. I'd assume she was still interested unless she has specifically said she doesn't want to see you anymore or starts to give off a really negative vibe when you see her