How can I get myself to relax and stop worrying about this?

Long story short, I asked out a girl in one of my college classes and she said yes. The way she said it made me think she was just trying to be nice (she hesitated for a second), and after I thought she was avoiding me in class the next day, I told her I wasn't sure that she really wanted to go out. She told me her response was completely genuine, and the only reason she hesitated before answering is because she was really surprised. Everything seemed to be normal in class today, but I was a little nervous around her and it might have been noticeable. Due to past unpleasant experiences with other girls (I've never gotten past 1 date), I can't get this bad feeling out of my head. I know I'm probably worrying about this for nothing, but I can't get myself to drop it and relax.


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  • Maybe you should tell her why you feel like she doesn't really like you


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  • bro if she dont like u fuck her move on the more u do the more u won't be nervous if its meant to be its meant to be if it isn't well find the right girl bro dnt worry