How to say no to a guy after you said yes to going to a dance with him?

Okay here's what went down. My school is having this semi formal dance coming up and there's a lot of talk going around about whose going with who. There's this guy that I'm kinda crushing on, and I'm not the only one either. A couple days ago, rumors started that he was going to ask me. Even his best friend told me that he wanted to ask me. So of course I'm freaking out and all excited, right? Well later, at the end on the day, I'm walking out of my last class to head home. I get stopped by this class mate of mine, whose only in two of my classes and I'm not that well acquainted with him. He asks to talk to me, and I say sure. He says, " will you go to the dance with me?" It's the first time that anyone's asked to a dance, (yes I'm still new with this stuff) and I wasn't sure of how to say no. So my dumb, natural instinct told me to say yes. So I agreed. But I have NO feelings for him, and don't know him too well either.. The other guy who I'm crushing on still doesn't know I've been asked, and I really want to go with him.. So I'm lost and don't know what to do. Advice?


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  • You know, it's up to you I guess, but my suggestion is probably to go with the guy you said yes to. If your crush asks, you tell him honestly that you would have been delighted to go, you're so glad he asked, but you've already agreed to go with someone else. And see where things go.

    The only other way I can see getting out with decency, would be if your crush asks, you tell the guy you agreed to go with that you've got feelings for someone else, who is apparently interested in you too. You're happy to still go with him -as friends- but maybe given where you are, he'd rather not. Give him that choice.


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  • Just be honest. Tell him that you were blind sided by him and blurted out a yes accidentally. Tell him you're interested in someone else and apologize for your faux paux.

    • I agree with this^

      One more thing though, tell him SOON. A last second drop feels horrible.

    • Yeah you need to tell him as soon as possible so he can find a new date.

    • Thank you guys for your feedback :)

  • I say go with the acquaintance and make his world and meet up with your crush at the dance. Lol jk that's bad advice don't do that. But seriously you should probably be absolutely certain your crush is going to ask you because you don't want to end up dateless.


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  • I would wait and see if he wants to go to the dance with you he will approach you and ask you like this guy that you don't know well did. Then go from there but if the guy you like doesn't ask you then at least you will have someone to go with and you never know there might be some chemistry and might feel more comfortable with him since you know you don't like him

  • Either you start looking and smelling real nasty to make him call it off. Or I'm sorry to say but you're stuck going with him. It's the right thing to do and there's always another dance to go with the other guy! Maybe the other guy will be there and it'll make him a little jealous to see you with another guy and encourage him to talk to you.

    • Thanks a bunch for sharing your thoughts, it was helpful!

  • Wait so you've never even talked to him before and he just asked you out of the blue?

    • Not exactly out of the blue. I've had small talk with him a couple times, just about class and stuff. But never really a full conversation

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    • Yeah I really don't want it to be awkward :/ and I've known my crush for about a year, were pretty good friends I'd say

    • Ok yeah just tell him that he caught you off guard and was actually planning on going with one of your guy friends. I find it a Little weird he asked you when he barely knows you. Lol