Should I tell her that she was being played?

Started seeing this guy 5 months ago. I'm 25, he's 29. He would tell me things like move in with him and/or he wants his baby girl to look exactly like me etc. So I figured he really liked me. Later down the road he starts saying we should stop talking and that he's not good for me etc. he got upset with me for still communicating with my ex as friends. Starts calling me untrustworthy and a shady person. Got in an argument to which lead to him ending our communication. Then unintentionally, I find out the next day he has a girlfriend or someone he's been seeing at the same time as me!! Should I tell her about this douche and that he's been playing us both? I definitely have the urgency to tell him I know!


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  • honestly I am all for blowing up a guys spot. why let it be easy for him to play girls and treat y'all like that? simply provide proof (screenshots, texts) and send it to her and let her do what she wishes. whats done in the dark will come to light and less guys would be able to do this shit if they were exposed. no reason to protect him


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  • You're both at fault at with this. You were playing him, and he was playing you. Just let it go.


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  • I would, but I am kinda a bitch. But if I was the girl I would want to know. And I got nothing to lose and he got plenty :D