Do polar opposites really attract?

I'm an introvert and my boyfriend of 5 years is an extrovert. He lives for his friends, beer, social gatherings and outings while Im awkward and tight lipped around a group of people and would rather be on a deserted beach with a good book, and an occasional joint. the only reason we are still together is because of our 3 year old son. We used to have a spark in the beginning but it's been snuffed out and our polar opposite personalities have really been clashing the past couple years. today he called me "embarrassing as fuck." Is it possible for 2 totally different people to make it work or is this just the wrong man for me and my child?


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  • It's only possible if you're both willing to make it work! I'll be honest, I'm not an expert. But I do think that the key to at least turning your relationship into something better is communication. Talk to him about your doubts, and try to see if he's willing to put forth the effort of making things work out. If he's not, then that's a big problem. Honesty, communication, and trust is a good way to start turning things around. It won't happen overnight but it is a start.


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  • Quite often couples complement each other. They aren't competing for attention all the time if one is less outgoing,

    If they were similar they would interfere with each other so often.


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  • He really called you that... if be pissed as fuck. That is not nice and after being with him for that long? He should be telling you nice things! You should have a serious talk with him. You are the mother if his child. Don't let him talk to you like that!