Would it be okay to ask a girl to kiss her - girls only please?

Me and this girl have been somewhat together (we've expressed our feelings toward another, but she says she's been hurt from a previous relationship). It's been close to 3 months since she said that and we are Seniors in high. school. We usually give each other intimate hugs and have lunch together everyday.


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  • 1. Do it privately, but not like in a creepy way. Maybe if you two go for walks or something and there's a nice quiet place, then do it there.
    2. Don't be abrupt about it. For example, don't be in the middle of a conversation and be like "Hey, can I kiss you?" because then she'll be really surprised and it might throw her off and just say no. Wait for a lull in the conversation. Look for signs like her look at your lips or being sort of nervous. Look into her eyes for a couple seconds and then say "Would it be alright if I kissed you already?" like you just can't wait to kiss her but you still want to be respectful to her about it (which is pretty much your situation).
    3. Don't go straight for a make-out. Like geez, man, be chill. Just something short and sweet and when you two pull away from each other and she's smiling, then it might be okay to do something a little more passionate.

    Good luck!

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      She knows what she's talking about^^^

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    • Thanks. I personally like how much emphasis you put into things. There are very few girls I know who actually put absolute thought into things; using the brain to it's fullest potential efficiently and with logic, reasonability, selective instance etcetera. Anyone whom is close to you, should value you because you are truly a rare person.

    • Thank you so much, and the same goes for you as well!


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  • Yes it would def be okay! And good for you for having manners to even ask that especially at your age! She should hold on to you! :))

  • Definitley. I think it is sweet that you want to make sure it is okay with her first before you do it so go for it! If tou huys have been together for 3 months i doubt she'll say no!:)

  • If you're not sure if she'll welcome the kiss, it's best to ask, to avoid an unwanted kiss on her part or the awkward turn-your-head-really-fast-and-change-the-subject thing.

    I would think it was cute if a guy asked.

  • Absolutely! It's very sweet of you to ask her first.

  • It couldn't hurt :) Just don't do it in a public place, like lunch.

  • yes! that is such a sweet move, go for it!

  • Yes! Just make sure that it is in the right setting, like outside on a walk or just a private area really. Not in the commons a, totally hurt her. Don't do it publicly.

    • I don't plan on asking in public, but if I did how would I hurt her?

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